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Serious Game GDPR:
Play your way to action

Serious Game GDPR is a game developed by Sticos in partnership with House of Knowledge. The game is a unique educational tool that will take you through the new data protection rules. You work in teams with participants from other businesses in the same situation. Get ready for an engaging, fun and educational day that will get you ready for action.

Serious Game GDPR will give you:

  • an introduction to GDPR with an expert from Sticos
  • game with guidance from our expert
  • engaging learning
  • an action plan for your business

Serious Game GDPR

Learn GDPR and secure a concrete action plan for your business in one day. Serious Game GDPR gives you a different and instructive approach to the new rules for personal data protection that are set to become effective in May 2018. You will be given an introduction to GDPR by one of our data protection experts. Practical tasks and problems will give you an understanding of the regulations and an action plan for your business.

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Internal company workshop

Are there many people in your business that need to be involved in work on personal data protection? Then an internal company workshop is something for you. An expert from Sticos comes to you and leads you through a tailor-made workshop. We cover the essentials with custom-designed content and expert guidance. In this way, everyone involved in your business builds up a common understanding and can work out a concrete action plan together.

This is Sticos

Sticos helps Norwegian businesses comply with laws and regulations through practical tools, courses and advice. With new technology and unique specialist knowledge, we deliver innovative and time-saving solutions for both managers and employees. Sticos makes it easy, secure and effective.

Sticos is a technology company that has made complicated regulations simple and understandable for over 30 years, for all those who work in accountancy, payroll and HR. The company has 10,000 customers and 55,000 users, had sales of about NOK 160 million in 2017 and has 110 employees. Sticos was founded in 1983 and is located in Lade in Trondheim.

This is GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace what we currently know as the Personal Data Act. The rules take effect in May 2018, after which the Data Protection Authority will be able to impose fines of up to 20 million euros on those who break the law. The rules will apply to all businesses that store or process personal data.

The GDPR sets stringent requirements for the documentation of routines, personal data processing, securing data and risk assessment. This is difficult and comprehensive work that should be started right now.

In this workshop, we will take you through the requirements for how to comply with the regulations, such that you will be left with a concrete action plan for your business.